Looking Out To Sea

Bike fit at Bike Craft (part 2)

It’s been a month since my bike fit and re-adjustment at Bike Craft. Their loaned seat-post was swapped for a shiny new one1 and I’m slowly getting accustomed to the riding position.

I have not gone for any very long rides — nothing longer than my usual trips from Haymarket station or BJJ class. There is still the slightest hint of pain when I push the limits for an extended period but this is what I’d expect. Under normal circumstances I think that should happen: if it doesn’t hurt when you’re going flat out then are you really going flat out?

I can’t remember if I mentioned that the fixed gear bike seems to be set up more like the new configuration of the geared bike than the old configuration. This may explain the lack of pain riding that bike but since the toe traps don’t have any straps to lock my feet laterally onto the pedals I can’t really confirm anything. Maybe if my feet were held in place they would hurt just as much.

It sounds like Helen’s bike might also be a poor fit for her — a poor fit geometrically but also a poor fit for her requirements. I think we’re both coming to the conclusion that a touring/relaxed road bike is most suitable for our needs as an all-purpose machine. That’s certainly what I’d thought would be my next move.

In future I would be hesitant to buy a new bike without a proper bike fit, especially since most places will offset some or all of the cost of the fit against the bike anyway. Why pay money without that assurance?

  1. Should it be possible to be impressed by a seat post? Is this healthy?