Looking Out To Sea

Not the worst Christmas ever!

I spend Christmas day alone in the flat, cooking. For the first time I prepared a full meal for both sets of parents — our usual Christmas routine was abandoned because Helen was working until 6pm and started again on Boxing Day. Spending days away from the house was not an option.

I opted to cook venison instead of turkey. One, because it would mean I wasn’t playing to a rule-book and could remove items that I’m not keen on (sprouts, parsnips) without alarming anyone. Licence to play by my own rules! Also I’m not sure how well a turkey to feed seven would fit in our oven and still leave room for cooking roast potatoes, sausages and anything else required.

This is the first time we’ve had both sets of parents together for a sit down meal, for some reason. It went pretty well and the food was well-received. If anything we over-catered (there’s still a lot of red cabbage left over and even the small amount of broccoli wasn’t finished).

Due to time constraints we didn’t finish the present-opening. Helen and I still have things to give each other but I think (hope) everything that was due for other people went away with them.

Excuse me, I have more cold roast potatoes to eat.