Looking Out To Sea

Closed-doors training sessions

We’ve finallly got a space for training capoeira on Tuesdays in Glasgow, but neither Nick or Piolho can commit until at least the new year so we’re going to use it as a “private” session for extra practice rather than a formal teaching opportunity. It’ll just be a few of us going over what we did in previous lessons and getting the chance to play more often.

It looks like the first time around will have only 3 attendees, which is an awkward number for a paired activity.

There are some things I want to work on, either just for myself or because I think it will be an interesting thing to explore. I want to look at some of the strategic sides of the game — possession of space, corpo fechado and creative thinking. I think using the money game to explore the first idea is interesting because it’s all about controlling a specific area of play.

I’m also thinking about a kind of “musical statues” thing to encourage thinking about stability and protective postures but that’s something I want to flesh out in my head more before I suggest it to others.

But first I think we should just start with the basics: a straight-forward sequence and some extended play. I must remember to pack the pandeiro.