Looking Out To Sea

One job ends and another begins

On the 1st of November I finish my job working at Honeywell Security Group and will be moving to Calnex Solutions. I don’t yet know what my new role will involve, only in the broadest of terms. Whatever comes up during discussions at interview is only ever the simplest explanation that fits the moment. The devil is in the details.

I will be commuting further (but faster, so the distance won’t make much difference). Eventually we hope to return to our home in Edinburgh, if Helen and I end up working on the east coast. I will still be travelling by bike and I hope the environment will be nicer!

I hope to keep in touch with some of the people at Honeywell and maybe see them over Christmas for a chat in the pub or similar.

But in the mean time I will have to get used to a new routine with the pain of settling into a new job, learning new things and so forth. Wish me luck.