Looking Out To Sea

Glasgow capoeira is going to need a new training hall

You might have seen in the news that there was a fire at a school in Glasgow. What you might not have known was that this school was also where Mao No Chao Glasgow trained every Thursday evening at 6.30.

I’ve not been down to see the building, or at least what remains of it, but the fire was going basically all day so I suspect there isn’t much left but the stone exterior walls. And they’ll be too damaged for the building to be deemed sound I would guess.

As a group we have often spoken of trying to find new premises but it’s very easy not to put in effort or make decisions when you have something. This fire has forced our hand and we’ve already had serious discussions about a couple of venues nearby.

By next Thursday I hope I’ll be able to say “we have tried one new training area”, and maybe we’ll have tried out another not long after that. It would be great to end somewhere that gives us more visibility to fitness types (like a real gym) or that is in an easily accessible place.

Here’s to us, rising from the ashes!