Looking Out To Sea

Travelling to Edinburgh with delicate foodstuffs

For our (approximately) monthly (kind of) book group we visit everyone’s flat in rotation and we’re the only people who don’t live in Edinburgh but still attend, so we do a lot of travelling to Edinburgh.

The Glasgow underground trains stop at about 6.30pm on a Sunday so we generally take our bikes at least some of the distance so we can cycle back to the flat when we get back to Glasgow Queen Street station.

So we have to come up with food which travels well, and can cope with being beaten a bit on the back of a bike. But no! Tomorrow we’re going to try a new trick. First we cycle to the train station (which handily has both subway and intercity train services) and get the underground back to the flat, with a return ticket. Then we take the food, carefully, on the underground back out to the station and go to Edinburgh.

When we return in the evening we will have only empty dishes and can hop on the bikes heading home. It’s a bit of extra to-ing and fro-ing but I suspect it will work admirably.