Looking Out To Sea

Five minutes everyday to turn the world upside down

I’ve been doing capoeira now for about two years I think, and one thing that hasn’t really changed in that time is my complete inability to do a handstand or a cartwheel.

Since the beginning of the year (you know, midway through January) I’ve had an alarm on my phone that buzzes at 6.30pm every single day and tells me I have to practise. Nearly every single day since I started I have set aside five minutes to practise. I set a timer so that I don’t do 3 minutes then decide that I’m probably done, and so that I stop at 5 minutes. The point is that it’s not supposed to be a burden or a long gruelling exercise regime.

Five minutes practice every day — throwing myself up against a bare wall initially, but slowly becoming more independent — has brought about a massive change. I’m still not capable of busting out amazing inverted moves but if I’d known two years ago that I could be where I am now with only month of this I would be shocked.

I’ll continue to be shocked and I hope the improvements will continue too.