Looking Out To Sea

Taking the bike to Knockengorroch, what an idea!

In a few short days I’m going to make my way to Knockengorroch World Ceilidh 2015 by bike. I’ve taken Thursday, Friday and Monday off work to reduce the anxiety of the journey but I’ve still managed to convince myself that I’m not up to the challenge and reduced my journey further.

I had originally wanted to cycle there in two stages and to camp somewhere in between on the Thursday night. But now I’ve just decided to take the train to Ayr and travel the remainder of the distance by bike in one day — which is only 22 miles. This is the distance between work and home which I’ve done several times now and though I will be doing it laden with camping gear I will also have many hours to spare. Google Maps reckons I can do it in two and a half hours. Maybe it’ll be 3 hours in the end as Google doesn’t really know about hills or luggage.

I’ve had a trial run with panniers and tent loaded on the bike. I went for a sedate few miles on the NEPN in the Leith end of town. Tonight I will try to pack everything properly to work out what I need and where it should go.