Looking Out To Sea

All About Me

My name’s Dougal. I live in Glasgow in the rainy west coast of Scotland and write software for a living. When not at a computer I like playing capoeira and baking bread. (Anyone interested in that should seek out Richard Bertinet’s first book, Dough.) I have dabbled in British Sign Language in the past but I no longer get a chance to practise so it’s all disappearing, like my secondary school French.

Professionally I have been involved in embedded development in C and C++. In my spare time I dabble in Haskell and reading up on the things which learning Haskell has thrown my way: type systems, category theory, abstract algebras, program calculation and proof by construction, etc.

If you want to get in touch about this blog or any particular entries, just email dougal at this domain. For recruitment please see my LinkedIn profile for information and contact details or have a look at my CV.