Looking Out To Sea

Welcome my Son in full

Just over a year ago we saw Phil, of Spotted Stripes Circus fame, perform the beginnings of something built on the story of Frankenstein. On the first of March I had the considerable pleasure of seeing the first public performance of Welcome my Son.

There was a feedback form, so this is a record of what I wrote.

Was there any single element that particularly stood out positively?

The physical characterisation of the ‘monster’ was fantastic, particularly the involuntary jerks and convulsions. It was uncomfortable to watch (I found myself flinching in sympathy) and amazing to see that combined with the control to manage it while still hanging on a pole or balancing on the scaffold.

Was there any single element that stood out negatively?

The transition from the physical theatre at the start, with just the subtlest of sounds to support it, to a traditional soliloquy, was a bit jarring at first. I hadn’t expected it so I took a minute to adjust to the change in pace.

Overall what would have made the performance better?

The contrast between the two characters got a bit confused at the finale, when I wasn’t totally clear who was speaking which part until it settled into a rhythm. If that were made clearer it might be easier to understand the climax as it happens rather than needing a moment to reflect on what is going on.

Would you go and see this show again?

I don’t normally see shows again but I think if I were to go again I would enjoy re-examining what I saw and looking for new details.

Would you recommend it to anyone else?

I would definitely recommend this show — indeed I have already recommended it to someone, though I was not able to say when or if it would next be performed.