Looking Out To Sea

I barely even read email any more

I’m subscribed to a handful of mailing lists for projects and programming languages that I have worked with in the past. I receive stuff from the usual online sellers plus the newsletters of local theatres, venues and community groups.

Every single one of these gets deleted without even being opened. Why am I bothering to receive them? Why, in fact, do I even sign up for them in the first place?

I think I will go on an unsubscribing spree to reduce the load. Ideally I would like all my email to come directly into my main inbox (rather than being pre-filtered into other folders) but that everything in there to be directly relevant to me. And the vast majority of it from people I actually know in real life.

Edit: After a couple of days of following the unsubscribe option for everything that came into my inbox it’s all looking much nicer already. And most sites don’t require you to remember a password to remove yourself from their mailing list, which is a bonus.