Looking Out To Sea

Finally, proof I can read

It’s been ages since I finished a book. I’m having real trouble sticking to it right now but I’m not sure why. I guess everything I pick up isn’t engaging me but that doesn’t answer the question why my current threshold for engagement is so high.

So I’m happy to state that I finished Lost at Sea by Bryan Lee O’Malley, who is also the author of the Scott Pilgrim series. (Which for the record I haven’t read or seen the film, I just found this fact interesting.) I enjoyed it greatly. It’s about a girl discovering some friends on an accidental road trip and deals with the important issues of the day — whether cats can steal your soul, that kind of thing.

And it’s a graphic novel/comic and short, which goes more than some way to explain why I managed to finish it. It probably only has about 20 pages worth of text, but the medium doesn’t require many words. It’s unlikely I can claim that each picture adds another thousand to the word count.