Looking Out To Sea

More exciting handstand news

Okay so probably not as exciting for you as it is for me, but today I had one of those little victories that’s worth writing about.

Today I managed a couple of really lengthy handstands which were totally unsupported. One of them I actually had to stop because nothing was going to happen to stop it otherwise. Now honestly I don’t know what the actual measurement would have been but I’m guessing at least ten seconds of freestanding inversion without overshooting.

In the last fortnight I’d been slightly worried that I was reaching a plateau so I’ve been trying to force new difficulties into my five minutes. The first being, obviously, doing them well away from the wall so I risk overshooting. The second is making them harder by going in sideways — more of a cartwheel entrance rather than face-on. This is more capoeira-focused so I’ve also been trying to not look at the ground as I place my hands but to keep my eyes on my imaginary opponent.

Between all these things I’ve managed to push through the stage last week where I thought I was stagnating — to produce exciting new freestanding developments. Just from five minutes every day.