Looking Out To Sea

Converting from Darcs to Git no longer so easy

I am trying to convert all of my Darcs repositories to Git repositories so I can upload them to GitHub to provide a simple form of backup and a location to publish anything interesting. Although to be fair I don’t think I have any projects which count as “interesting”. Any which were previously of value have bit-rotted or in some way become less useful. I guess I also have a lot of private-use tools which other people will not find useful.

The tool which used to do the job, darcs-fastconvert, hasn’t been updated in a couple of years while Darcs has had some significant internal restructuring. I can not compile darcs-fastconvert against a recent Darcs and I don’t have the familiarity with the code to fix things. I got so far by correcting the import statements from functions which had migrated to different modules, but when the data constructors and type-level constraints started to kick in the error messages became too difficult. I am no longer sure whether these are inherent problems or the effect of me changing the wrong thing.

Either way, I hope to get them converted soon and maybe pick up some of the projects again.